Paw Pals LLC

Proudly serving the pets and people of Woburn, Massachusetts and surrounding areas.

Services and Rates

Weekly Dog Walking:

     Not Just a Walk  (Ideal for all Dogs):

     A 20-30 minute visit with your pup consisting of any pre-approved activity (playing              with your pup, training upkeep, treats, belly rubs, feeding, and of course walking!)

3 Visits/wk - $20/Visit

          4 Visits/wk - $19/Visit

          5+ Visits/wk - $18/Visit



     Extended Visit  (Ideal for High Energy, and Timid Dogs):

 An hour of Not Just a Walk Service

           3 Visits/wk - $33/Visit

          4 Visits/wk - $32/Visit

          5+ Visits/wk - $30/Visit


     Puppy Love  (Ideal for Puppies from 8 weeks to 6 months old):

           If you have a new puppy in your life, we will be more than happy to help cater to                  their needs. Puppy Love consists of two 20 minute daily visits to make sure that your puppy gets the love and attention that he/she deserves while you’re away. 

          ≤ 3 Days/wk - $33/Day

          4 Days/wk - $32/Day

          5+ Days/wk - $30/Day


(All Dog Walking prices are based on one service per day M-F)

Pet Sitting:

     Dog Sitting $60/day

     (Ideal for all homes with canine members)

     We will visit your Dog in your home three times each day.  We do this because pets are        most comfortable in their home environment.  We try to maintain the same schedule             that you have set for them because we know that they thrive on routine.  Your Dog will           get a breakfast/potty visit in the morning, followed by a dinner/potty visit in the early              evening, and concluded with a bed time/potty visit at night.  


     Cat Sitting $20 1 visit/day 

                      $35 2 visits/day 

     (Ideal for feline households)

     Daily visits include feeding, playing, treats, and litter scooping, as well as any additional       pre-approved activities.


     For other small companions, please contact us for pricing and services.



An initial meet and greet for you and your family to get to know us better.  Consults normally take 30 to 60 minutes.  Most consults begin with us taking a seat on the floor.

We do this because it makes us more available for your pet(s) to get to know us.  During the consult, we will discuss our services with you, and determine which of them would be best suited for your pet(s).  Once everything is figured out, we will go over our contract with you and answer any additional questions that you may have for us.  

     To schedule a consult now, Please Click Here

Multi-Pet households are subject to a $3 to $10 fee for each additional furry friend. Price will be quoted at consultation.

All of our services offered can be customized to your pets and home. If you are looking for a service you do not see listed just ask.  If we are able to offer it, we will. 

Rates for visits outside of our service area may be higher than what is listed.